Research + Strategy

Knowledge is power.
Choreo partners with you to dig deep, ask the tough questions, and determine a workplace strategy for the future. No matter where you are in your workplace journey, Choreo uses proven, data- and people-driven research and techniques to produce a prescriptive analysis and suggestions for the future of your workplace.

We'll help you identify

  • How much square footage you need
  • How to align your business strategy and space strategy
  • How to effectively assemble teams in your space
  • How your space can grow with you
  • How to optimize your real estate

Leadership Development

Lead the change.
You know your people are your greatest asset. But as a leader, you must consider how your workplace transformation will impact the way you work and lead your teams.

Choreo helps you create a space that empowers leaders to do their best work.

We’ll facilitate

  • Interviews to uncover any concerns and opportunities about how teams will interact in your new space
  • Workshops to provide a real-time feel for your new space
  • Development of new workspace guidelines
  • Technology training