Change Management + Communication

Change isn't easy
Successful change management covers all your bases. It assures your teams why change is important and identifies what will be changing. It shows people how to embrace and thrive in change.

Choreo partners with companies during workplace transition to educate, train, and support every employee and leader ­ the way. We work with the entire project team—from construction to design to furniture—to educate your employees on the stages of change and support them in their emotional journey.

Move + Relocation

Moving is disruptive
A detailed plan and strategy are critical to a successful move. Whether you’re transitioning to a new building or renovating an existing space, we partner with you to manage the move of your people and your assets.

We work with the project team to develop a strategy and move timeline, communicate with individual teams and departments to organize your people and assets, and work with movers to coordinate all aspects of your move.