About Choreo

Choreo was born in 2008, the vision of Mary Beth Oakes, who saw the workplace evolution as an exciting challenge ready to be met head-on. With this opportunity, Mary Beth was able to further focus her passion for change management by advancing the way companies leverage their workplace as their most strategic business and people tool.

And since 2008, Mary Beth and her team at Choreo have worked with dozens of companies in a vast array of industries to maximize employee and workplace potential while minimizing the disruption associated with major moves and renovations.

Dedicated to the philosophy that space shapes attitudes, behaviors and business results, Choreo uses data- and people-driven research to create innovative workspaces that reflect the way companies work today. Choreo also works to lessen the burden and maximize the success of work-place change on the company’s most important asset—its employees.

Our Process

Our approach revolves around you and is driven by our service areas
Choreo's Process

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  • Workplace Research
  • Interior Design
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Mary Beth Oakes


Is a 3-time school spelling bee champion

Strategic, passionate, valuable and innovative, Mary Beth is front and center with her clients as they envision and implement their ideal work environment. Whether she is engaged with senior leaders about workplace strategy or providing on-site support on the day of the move, Mary Beth says, “I am here to make a difference ... I have to know I was involved in positive change. It's what drives me and keeps me engaged and motivated.”

Patty Clark


Has run 10 marathons

With over 25 years’ experience in interior design, project management and sales, Patty has a unique mix of skills—combining the aesthetic with the functional. In her own words, Patty is passionate about helping people become acclimated to their new work environments, in a positive, empathetic, solution-driven manner.