Why Choreo

There is a workplace transformation underway, shaping the way in which business will be conducted in the future. The office environment is being redefined, creating a new model to determine how and where work is performed.

The new model is rooted in technology and centered around a global society that will need to harness the energy and productivity of a mobile workforce. Time is the new currency. As technology creates a smaller, more connected world, response time is just a click away.

Businesses must rethink their office environments, and more importantly, how their people function in, around and outside those spaces. In a traditional business model, facilities grew on a seat per person basis. The “cubicle” was born and businesses prospered, but this approach has become stagnant and not as relevant. Research suggests that on a typical day up to 30% of space is not being utilized and an additional 30% is only partially utilized. The future is clear.

The workplace transformation will create office environments that reduce and repurpose real estate, increase spaces for collaboration, project a company’s brand and build work environments that attract and retain the best and most talented workers. The primary benefit of Choreo goes well beyond the physical structure of the workplace.

With our change management┬áservices, the Choreo team has developed a comprehensive change management program, that not only transforms the company’s physical workplace, but also addresses the need to adjust work styles and behaviors, so that employees are fully engaged and connected in their new spaces and processes. The end result: increased productivity, increased employee satisfaction, greater business agility and improved resource efficiency.