Move Genius

Choreo’s Move Genius is a change management solution that provides on-site expertise and support before, during and after a move. We develop custom cultural transformation components focused on technology, physical space and personal change. We support clients with innovative training, change management, communication, issue tracking and resolution.

Move Genius provides one clear voice for employees to expand beyond the changes of the physical environment and become fully engaged in a new way of thinking to allow them to reach their full potential, including balancing their privacy, making work visible, managing connections and supporting diverse work styles.

Key elements are measurability and accountability, developed around four primary business objectives: productivity, employee satisfaction, business agility and resource effectiveness. Successful implementation of the Move Genius service will match clear and concise goals with new behaviors and actions to evaluate and measure results. By constantly gaining employees feedback, the change management program can continue to adapt to make sure true cultural transformation is achieved.

Moves and changes within an office present exciting opportunity, but they also challenge your company in complex ways. Conventional work environments are changing rapidly due to cost constraints, increased competition and the need to attract and retain valuable employees. The Choreo team can help you transform your workplace, contain costs, increase productivity and improve workplace effectiveness.

training and habits
Workplace moves that focus solely on the physical environment don’t help employees reach their full potential. Empower your employees with good habits and expertise that enable them to work better, and smarter.

Text messages, e-mails, blogs, cell phones and multi-function devices are tools that offer efficiency and community when maximized properly, but can become confusing and burdensome when not understood. The integration of technology enables seamless availability and collaboration. We will train your team to utilize technology for maximum effectiveness.

Comfortable, well-supported people work effectively, with minimal days out of the office. Understanding the correct adjustments, postures and habits will keep your team healthy and productive, while utilizing all the great engineering that has gone into your furniture investment.

work habits
Change can be hard, and we know it doesn’t happen immediately. Our good habits training breaks down your objectives into weekly habits that people incorporate into their work styles over time. Good habits are developed and maintained with measurable success.