Change Management Solutions

planning and design
Workplaces have so much potential, and the Choreo team can design an environment that reflects your brand and supports your objectives. Our diverse, extensive experience allows us to bring the best thinking and problem solving to your unique situation.

In the office furniture jungle it can be difficult to discern the differences between products and understand the value of specific features and benefits. Choreo will demystify product selection and ensure the best, most effective application of your investment.

project and move management
Details, details, details. Moves and all the complicated aspects related to them require experience and focus to navigate effectively. Let Choreo manage these and you and your team can concentrate on your core business.

delivery and installation
Choreo will manage and coordinate your furniture delivery and installation with the greatest speed and least disruption within your workplace.

storage and asset management
Furniture is bulky and complicated—difficult to inventory, store and reuse. Effective asset management can maximize the ROI on your past investments and ensure that everything is right at your fingertips when you need to put it back to work.